Politically supporting the Nationalists from Spain, Germany installs itself in the Iberian Peninsula, in order to master strategic areas such as the mineral extraction and the development of the transport network. The Germans also become very present in the centers of culture. Their influence in the universities is very evident.

This installation already comes from 1937, when Salazar chooses to negotiate a new rearmament program with Germany, gaining strong support from this faction of the Axis. However, the following year, Britain unsatisfied with such a political move, tries to prevent the German presence in Portugal and the development of connections with it.

The main British objective was to create a new policy for the Iberian Peninsula, developing a common defense program and reaffirming the alliance with Portugal, in a moment of serious crisis in Europe.

In the same year, the Spanish nationalist faction suggests a non-aggression treaty to Portugal which is signed in 1939, reinforcing British interests and establishing a territorial and political neutrality of the whole peninsula towards a predictable armed conflict in Europe.

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