Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula in general, have become important navigation and freight routes. After the defeat of France in 1940, and the expansion of the war in the Balkans and the USSR, it becomes a transition area for people and goods. The neutral overview of Portugal was characterized as a producer and supplier of strategic goods, such as tungsten that was more and more crucial, as well as canning, leather, resin and other products that came from the former colonies.

The European geographical area in the forties involved the participation of Italy and the defeat of France, leading the Nazi Germany to dominate much of the territory of Western Europe. The political neutrality was  more and more delicate.

In 1943, after signing the grant of Base das Lages, Portugal still maintains its neutrality, leading to the German discontent, and the Nazi resignation in exchange for continued provision of Portuguese resources, such as the vital tungsten.

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