The Routes of Wolfram in Europe - memories of men and industrial heritage were on display at the Media library of CGD in Luxembourg on the 29th and 30th June and 1st July.

During this exhibition, have been presented the European partners that, together, aim to keep alive the memory of the industrial social and cultural heritage which involved the exploitation of that ore in Europe during the II World War, and the project that should be carried on within this theme.

The exhibition was honored with the presence of the Ambassador of Spain in Luxembourg and Mrs. Ambassadress of Portugal in Luxembourg during the lecture and refreshments made on the 1st July. In this event, these two entities lent their support to this project which they consider relevant to the future memory of Europe.

Were also present representatives of the IEIC in Luxembourg, Dr. Penelope and Dr. Elonora Berti, representatives of media library of CGD in Luxembourg, and the Confederation of the Portuguese Community in Luxembourg that provided support for the event, such as local media and visitors.

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