It is located in the Parish of Cabril, Council of Castro Daire, District of Viseu.

The mines of Moimenta in Cabril, according to the testimony of former miners, were a very well organized complex and it had very good equipment. The use of jackhammers and explosives at the opening of the galleries was very common (Ferreira, 1955).

"I worked inside the mine drilling; it was all drilled with air hammers ... then the fire was prepared (explosives) and the burst was made. The mines had several openings..." [Resident in Moimenta, Antonio Mendes Pinto, 74].

This complex also had its own washing section "When I was young, about twenty years I worked in the washing section. The rocks were crushed, went for a table and then the water and acid helped separate the tungsten, I say acid because all my clothes got burned..." [Resident in  Moimenta, Alice Duarte da Silva, 78 years].

These mines still have an important industrial heritage. You can still see the rail wagons that carried the ore. Gravity pushed them when they were loaded, when empty human hand pushed them to the loading place.

A good observation of the area brings out the complexity of this undertaking (Ferreira, 1955).