It is located in the Parish of Manhouce, Council of São Pedro do Sul, District of Viseu.

Geologically the Mines of Chãs belong to the same area of Rio de Frades and Regoufe.  Although its production was much lower, these mines were very important for the region.

It is worth noting that its wolframite was more pure than the one from Rio de Frades. (Moura et al., 2006).

When considering mining archaeological remains, these mines seem to have had significant mining activity. According to the testimony of ex-miners, Dithmer, the well-known German dealer also came here to negotiate the wolfram of these mines (Lage, 2000).

"... they managed so that the ore of the English passed into the hands of the Germans ...  the ores from Borralha, Marão, the mining company of Chãs ..." [1 interview with Manuel Torres Tan. Porto, November, 1997].