It is located in the Parish of Coelhoso, Council and District of Bragança.

The first license was granted to Jeremi Girod and Damião Lopes in 1868, in 1927 the Compagnie Miniére de la Ribeira became its legitimate dealership. In 1948 the Company is transferred to Companhia Minas, Minérios e Metais (Lage, 2000).

When arriving at Minas of Ribeira we meet the silence of abandoned mounds that are waiting for us. On the ground, it’s still possible to find traces of ancient exploitation. The neighborhoods, the workshops, some abandoned machines and objects make us imagine the busy lives of that time (Lage, 2000).

This mine, with 150 years of history has many collective memories, and it’s still the center of attention of the local community. The tungsten was its main asset, it had ups and downs in the exploitation and like all other mines, it had its golden age during World War II, when it came to employ about 2000 people. By this time, there were so many mine workers that it was necessary to open a school, in order to respond to the miners who wanted to provide education to their children (Lage, 2000).

The truth is that there was a strong, cohesive and organized mining community, where they lacked nothing. These are memories we intend to preserve, stories experienced in the hard life of the mine that illustrate the everyday life, of those who lived there. Those were glorious days, full of mythical stories that emphasize the difficulties of current desertification, since the village has lived days of great opulence (JFC, 2011).

Local population wants to recover the mines, through a touristic use, thus trying to avoid the desertification of the village.

"The mine is deep... we went down thought this cage ... and got out down there, on the other side by the river and the vegetable gardens ... when they left the mine, they went to work the vegetable gardens ... this was the doctor's office ... this X-ray machine has recently stopped working… They left things all ruined ..." [1st Interview in Argozelo. Cipriano and the foreman JLMartins, with the nickname of "Zé Pedreiro". Mines of Argozelo and Ribeira, in April and October 1998] (Lage, 2000: 198).