The project "Routes of Wolfram in Europe - Memory of Men and Industrial Heritage " was identified by ISCET1 / CIIIC2, as a project of great interest and potential for local communities involved in it, due to the valorization of its resources, thus enhancing local development and the emergence of new tourist dynamics, but also a great value to the academic community, since this project allows the research as well as field work and therefore the possibility of sharing various areas of knowledge, applying them in the territories involved.

This project arose from a challenge of the European Institute of Cultural Routes (IEIC), headquartered in Luxembourg that is the responsible entity for the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe since 1998. The IEIC daily receives proposals for new routes, from all members of the Council of Europe, interested in enhancing their tangible and intangible heritage.

In this context, ADRIMAG, AGA, CMA and ISCET3 developed a proposal - "Routes of Wolfram in Europe - Memory of Men and Industrial Heritage” was duly presented to the IEIC and they have effectively validated it. The research project aims to create a route of wolfram mines that will be extended from Rio de Frades throughout all Europe involving the countries that have wolfram mines. At the first moment, Rio de Frades, Regoufe, Chãs, Moimenta, Vale das Gatas and Borralha were the mines identified. Secondly, another set of mines also became part of the Route: Carris, Ribeira, Argozelo and Panasqueira – pole of Fundão, as a result of a greater involvement of the Associations of Regional Development4. The Route shall go from Portugal to other European regions, in particular for Galicia, France, England, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Czech Republic.

1 ISCET - Instituto Superior de Ciências Empresariais e do Turismo
2 CIIIC - Centro de Investigação Interdisciplinar e Intervenção Comunitária.
3 Associação de Desenvolvimento Rural Integrado das Serras do Montemuro, Arada e Gralheira, Associação Geoparque Arouca, Câmara Municipal de Arouca, Instituto Superior de Ciências Empresariais e do Turismo.
4 ADRAT – Associação de Desenvolvimento da Região do Alto Tâmega; ATAHCA -Associação de Desenvolvimento das Terras Altas do Homem, Cavado e Ave; Associação Douro Histórico; CORANE - Associação de Desenvolvimento da Raia Nordestina; ADERES - Associação de Desenvolvimento Rural Estrela Sul.

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