The main objective of this project is the creation of a European route based on the mines of wolfram that may be used as an innovative tourist offer that represents in space and in time the memory of the history and the heritage of the European people.

  1. Therefore, it will be necessary to work a set of specific objectives:The first specific objective is the profitable use of the resources from the different mining sites in order to give a tourist and cultural use to the mining sites, which will enable local development and job creation. This promotion and network integration will be a great asset to the municipalities with mines of wolfram, since the involvement in this type of project provides a strong national and international reputation;
  2. The aggregation of the referenced mining sites and their counties will help build and enhance the existence of a national route. This will be the second specific objective to be attained;
  3. Subsequently, as the third specific objective, it is intended to transform this mining route into a European route through the integration of the EU mines and / or other mining sites with similar characteristics. This specific objective will guarantee a prominent place in the international tourist scene of the "Routes of Wolfram in Europe – Memory of Men and Industrial Heritage".
  4. In parallel, we intend to enhance the development of tourism in rural areas, with a  viable offer, providing local and regional intervention and revitalization through the creation of essential infrastructures to the tourism industry, as well as the promotion and conservation of traditions of each place;
  5. The fifth specific objective concerns the establishment of a set of national and international partnerships that guarantee the sustainability of the project in all its different valences;
  6. The sixth specific objective aims to promote the establishment of a body of international interdisciplinary skills, integrating national and international researchers coming from different universities and research centers, that are able to boost the project considering its central objective which is the creation of the Route, but at the same time contribute to its stimulation and creation of activities and local and regional dynamics essential to its preservation;
  7. As a seventh specific purpose, it is intended to create, through this project, a strong spirit of cooperation and collaboration among all local, regional and international stakeholders, helping to build a more united Europe.

This set of objectives which support the development of the project shall contribute to achieve the recognition by the Council of Europe, thus getting an Honorable Mention for "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe."

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