It is located in the Parish of Argozelo, Council of Vimioso, District of Bragança.

Argozelo mines had their first license in 1898. This mine, in terms of production, has never been a large mine; but it left its marks in the population in a relevant way. All the patrimony related to the mines and to the being of the Men must not be forgotten. Abandoned since 1986, its reconstruction intend to give back to the community a patrimony associated with a local memory (JFA, 2011).

The mines of Argozelo consisted of vertical wells. An elevator, which still can be detected, took the miners down, and then they went to the galleries in search of the lode. The dynamite was daily used, but the village was already accustomed to it, since it was always at the same time, and the shocks were not considered excessive (JFA, 2011).

Nowadays the lands of the mine belong to Minargol, a company that went bankrupt, and now there is a judicial liquidator, which has hindered the intervention of the local authority – Municipality -  in this space.

"Women's work was to load trucks with sand and make sticks... (small cartridges of sand to load the walls of the mine, with primers) they did this together with the children to prepare the explosives for the mines ..." [1st Interview in Argozelo. Cipriano and the foreman JLMartins, "Zé Pedreiro" nickname. Mines of Argozelo and Mines of Ribeira, in April and October 1998] (Lage, 2000: 197).