It is located in the Parish of Salto, Council of Montalegre, District of Vila Real.

The first known license for the exploitation of the mine dates back to 1902 and was granted to the "Compagnie des mines d'Etain et de wolfram", it covered Monte da Borralha No. 1 and No. 2. On the 13th of February 1926, Couto Mineiro da Borralha is formed, by Ministerial order, with a much broader area, encompassing now a total of 36 grants (Geology).

According to Nunes, 2010:372, several nationalities commanded the destinies of Borralha. The capitals were predominantly French, but spread over several companies, some were British and other were German. Borralha Mines, SA had a clear connection with the UK and with the Compagnie Francaise des Mines, SA, while the Société Minère Général d’Étaint, SA had a strong connection with Germany (Nunes, 2010).

The French invested a lot in Borralha, bringing knowledge and machinery. They also invested in education.  Borralha was one of the few Coutos Mineiros, where all people studied until the 5th year and many sons of goatherds came to be engineers and economists (Lage, 2000).

The vast majority of those who were born here, were miners, or someway worked for the complex. For generations people have organized their lives, having as central object the tungsten (Lage, 2000).

"The French were a school for us ... they brought the modern era ... and for us it was Paris-Borralha, Borralha-Paris, rather than Lisbon ... at that time learning a trade was a great school ... and the French were good and had knowledge ... they taught us the technologies ... the mining concession;, in my opinion they have a defect that I think they had  everywhere ... they exploited the most in the minimum time span, they didn’t  create any infrastructures or definitely improved the place ...nothing was to be permanent... here in Borralha only the school and the Casting building made of stone ... the Professional School still works ... it was the great miracle of our region ... everyone  has completed the 5th year ... there were a lot of engineers sons of goatherds, etc ... the French gave us all this ... there, one can note the difference in mentalities ... "[Interview MC - Braga, Dezembro 1998] (Lage, 2000: 148).