It is located in the Parish of São Lourenço of Ribapinhão, Council of Sabrosa, District of Vila Real.

The first exploitations registered date back to 1883, with a concession to the mine of Delgada. It is the second grant of tungsten mining found in Portugal. The Germans will extend these mines to other areas, with the beginning of World War II, these mines were known as the Mines of Vale das Gatas. The mining complex employed about 2000 workers (Favas, 1999).

Electrical energy was supplied by a central station equipped with its own transformation unit. It had administrative offices, warehouses, workshops and garages. To support the staff, there were medical services, canteen, housing neighbourhood and a recreation centre (Favas, 1999).

"The main mine is 900 meters ... Mining Company of Sabrosa.... over there, there were the  rugs where women made the selection... then it went to the separator...some people made a lot of money... in the time of Germans... the offices of annotators, the stores were up here... there were two separators in Vila Real, one of the English in the upper part and one of the Germans... there is nothing from the English one ... the building from the other separator still remains ... all the mines closed in 1944 and reopened in 1952/1954 with the Korean War..."  [1st Interview s / Couto Mineiro der Vale das Gatas. Sabrosa, Dr. F.F. M. Eng, June 1, 1997] (Lage, 2000: 179)